large rocks torquay

Large rocks, Torquay

Large rocks and boulders make wonderful garden features. Not only that, but they are completely functional and can be used as edging or stacked for a retaining wall.

Surfcoast Landscaping provides large rocks for garden features, designs and walls and will safely place the boulders in your garden, on your property or incorporate them as part of a grander landscape design. These heavy items need to be treated with care and placed correctly to prevent accidents to you and your family. Our landscapers are experienced and will ensure the risk of having large rocks in your yard is negligible.

We can create raised garden beds edged with boulders, stack large rocks simply as a design element in  your garden, build a retaining wall or create a realistic ‘outback’ landscape with boulders and native plants. The possibilities are almost endless and we will happily provide ideas about how we can design your garden or property incorporating large rocks and boulders.

We also provide stonework in Torquay and surrounding coastal areas, for fences, retaining walls and more.