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Turf, Torquay

At Surfcoast Landscaping we have access to a huge range of turf to give you the desirable green, lush lawn for your front or backyard. Depending on your budget, requirements and deadline, we can suggest the best form of turf for your home and landscape design. Whether you just need turf for your Torquay, Geelong, Surf Coast or Bellarine garden or want turf as part of a complete landscaping design, talk to the professional team at Surfcoast Landscaping.

Instant lawn and turf

There are plenty of benefits to instant lawn and instant turf. Many people confuse it with artificial lawn but it isn’t. Instant turf comes in large rolls and as the name suggest can be quickly installed to give you lush green grass in an afternoon. There are many different types of instant turf to choose from depending on your needs such as soft turf for the kids to play on, turf that can withstand droughts, low-maintenance turf or your own backyard cricket pitch!

Artificial and synthetic and grass and turf

Artificial turf is getting more popular as the weather is less reliable for growing natural lawns. It can be especially difficult to grow lush lawns in coastal places like Torquay, Geelong, Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Anglesea and Lorne so synthetic turf can be a good alternative. Artificial grass design has come a long way and can now be soft and lush rather than fake-looking and harsh to the touch.

Synthetic turf is often requested for schools and commercial landscaping projects as an alternative to patchy and hard-to-maintain grass. Surfcoast Landscaping is happy to show you some synthetic turf samples to help you make a selection that suits you.

Need more ideas for your landscaping design? Ask Surfcoast Landscaping about how we can help you.