timberwork torquay

Timberwork, Torquay

Incorporating timberwork into your garden design is an effective way to lift the look of your outdoor entertaining areas. Timber is a natural resource and one that suits Torquay and Surf Coast homes particularly well.

Decking, pergolas and privacy screens for Surf Coast clients

Our landscapers can design and construct timber decking, privacy screens, pergolas, steps and even barbeque housing! We’ve built expansive timber decking, complete with seamless box seats and a protective pergola, we’ve created timber screens to use for privacy and to grow climbers and vines and we’ve created planter boxes and retaining walls from timber.

There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to timberwork and your home and garden landscapes. We can provide landscape design to come up with a comprehensive plan, incorporating timberwork and our other services, such as stonework in Torquay.